AWS WorkDocs Migration


Schaub+Srote Architects provides full-service architectural expertise in residential and commercial markets. Company’s mission is to create a design that blends client goals with expertise culminating in a beautiful and functional project.


Schaub+Srote was using Windows Server for file sharing among employees. Primarily Autocad files are stored in the Windows server. The company wished to modernize file sharing with high level of security, scalability and availability. Current pandemic precipitated the decision to embraced cloud-based document sharing solution. AWS WorkDocs satisfied the company’s needs and became the product of choice.

The Project:

Business Compass® LLC team worked with Schaub+Srote to implement and train resources on AWS WorkDocs. The company has migrated tera byte sized Autocad files from Windows Server to AWS WorkDocs. Now, the employees can access the Audocad files from anywhere.

The company is very pleased with the way the project was executed and with the product.