What’s New

  1. Analyze more than 70,000 companies trading worldwide across 130 exchanges with click of a button
  2. Web Service launched for seamless integration with enterprise systems!
  3. Altman Z-Score+ is available on Bloomberg App Portal APPS ALTMAN . Click to read press release.
  4. Two or more companies can be compared by entering ticker symbols separated by comma with Altman Z-Score+ and Scanner versions.
  5. Corporate license available for 10, 50, 100 and more than 100 users for Web, Android and BlackBerry Altman Z-Score Scanner product. Contact us for pricing.

Insights beyond the traditional Z-Score!


  • Generate Z, Z’ & Z” Scores for public & private firms


  • Rank firms within and across industry
  • Estimate Bond Rating Equivalent (BRE)
  • Predict 1-10 years of Probability of Default (PD)
    • Existing bond/loan
    • New bond/loan


  • Analyze credit risk of a public company
  • Analyze historical trend of public companies
  • Compare 2 or more public companies
  • Analyze credit risk of companies in a portfolio
  • Enter data or upload file to analyze both private and public companies


  • Analyze credit risk
  • Spot investment opportunities
  • Develop trading strategy
  • Identify turnaround opportunities
  • Use BRE for loan pricing and valuation
  • Monitor long-term solvency
  • Mitigate supply chain risk
  • Mitigate account receivables risk


  • Common stock and corporate bond investors
  • Securitization specialists
  • Financial Advisors
  • Credit officers at financial institutions
  • Turnaround practitioners
  • Bankruptcy and Restructuring lawyers
  • Corporate officers and Auditors