ReelLyfeTV is a media services company. ReelLyfeTV broadcasts boxing matches.

Business Compass® LLC is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, has 25 years of technology experience with a focus on media, data and analytics strategy and solution architecture. Company has five AWS Certifications: Solutions Architect Professional, Solutions Architect Associate, Cloud Practitioner, Big Data Specialty, and Machine Learning Specialty. Company shares the story of how the company helped ReelLyfeTV to migrate its website to AWS, integrate AWS Media Live and Video on Demand, set up Pay-Per-View and scaling up the website for its boxing match held on June 12, 2021.

ReelLyfeTV wanted to host a pay-per-view boxing match. ReelLyfeTV partnered with Business Compass LLC to build and deploy the solution.

Business Compass conducted due diligence, prepared and presented a detailed plan of action. The Business Compass team built and tested the workload. The combined team tested primary site, static site, Live streaming, Payment transactions, content restriction and scalability. Business Compass LLC ensured that all services were operational and answered all questions during the process. Further, the Business Compass LLC team provided much needed support to ensure that the technology components for the event were running smoothly putting in long hours.

Rod Moore, Founder of ReelLyfeTV, “We are very pleased with Business Compass LLC as a trusted partner in building and deploying media services workload AWS so smoothly. AWS Services scale easily, and offer additional services that ReelLyfeTV will incorporate in the future.”

About Business Compass LLC:

Business Compass(R) LLC is located in Randolph, New Jersey, USA. Our website is Our contact is +1 973 944 3989 and  We are an AWS Advanced  Consulting Partner – We specialize in AWS Migration, AWS Media Services, AWS Data Lake, Machine Learning, Cloud Migration and Infrastructure set up on AWS.

About ReelLyfeTV:

ReelLyfeTV is a media services company. ReelLyfeTV broadcasts boxing matches.

ReelLyfeTV’s website is