Live Streaming with AWS Media Live


OPEN Dot Com is located in Italy.  The company offers business services including webcasting and live streaming.


Due to the current pandemic gatherings at events became impossible. Company wanted to stream events live and stream pre-recorded events based on schedule to more than 1000 viewers. Company wanted to adopt a solution is reliable, scalable and economical.

The Project:

Business Compass® LLC team worked with OPEN Dot Com teamto implement AWS Live Streaming work flow. Elemental Media Live, Elemental Media Connect, Elemental Media Package, CloudFront CDN, Step Functions, Lambda and S3 are used in the implementation of the solution stack.

OPEN Dot Com has been live streaming 1-2 two hours daily to more than 1000 viewers daily.

Business Compass® LLC is located in Randolph, New Jersey, USA. This company is AWS Select Partner. This company provides cloud integration services, media, data lake, machine learning related services. Contact us via or +1 973 944 3989 (New York City Time).