Virtual Film Festival for Cineworx

By Business Compass LLC


Cineworkx runs film festivals. Due to advant of COVID 19, gatherings were cancelled. This posed a challenge for Cineworx. It turned to Business Compass LLC to create a platform for virtual film festival. Business Compass LLC migrated two websites to AWS and scaled them up to handle sudden high traffic using the film festival. It implemented AWS Video on Demand and DRM protection to protect content. Close to 100 films were made available to viewers. The film festival ran very well and was a great success. Cineworx plans to  leverage Business Compass LLC partnership for its upcoming film festivals.

Technologies Used:

  • Media Convert
  • WAF
  • ELB
  • Auto Scaling
  • CloudFront
  • S3
  • RDS
  • Lambda
  • DynamoDB
  • SNS
  • SQS
  • EC2
  • ASG
  • EBS
  • CloudWatch

Architectural Overview for Website:

AWS Video on Demand Workflow was used for video conversion and DRM.