AWS Serverless technologies

Business Compass LLC assists clients in re-architecting monolithic applications to AWS Serverless technologies including AWS Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB, SNS, SQS, AWS Glue, Step Functions and Elastic Container Service.  Business Compass LLC deploys cloud native serverless video on demand, live streaming and subscription based mobile and web applications. Business Compass LLC deploys Data Lakes and AI/ML workloads where Lambda plays a critical role in orchestrating real-time data ingestion and real-time inferences. Business Compass LLC can help you meet your application transformation goals. Our experienced professionals can help you to modernize your applications.

Business Compass LLC can help you in the following areas:

  • Conduct due diligence of applications
  • Determine right services to modernize applications when transforming or migrating to AWS
  • Develop strategy, program roadmap, TCO analysis
  • Re-architect monolithic applications to AWS Serverless Technologies
  • Build new applications leveraging serverless technologies optimized for media services, Big Data, mobile and web

To find out how we’ve helped customers with Application Transformation projects, check out our case studies:

AWS CloudFront

If you are looking for a service that can securely provide your user data, apps, and APIs with low latency and high transmission rates? CloudFront is the answer.

Amazon CloudFront is a content delivery network (CDN) service that securely distributes data, videos, applications, and APIs to consumers around the world with low latency and high transfer speeds.

CloudFront can be used for live streaming and on-demand video as well as audio distribution, as well as media-rich web applications, business dashboards, large volumes of data, and APIs.

CloudFront combines the most modern security features, such as field level encryption and HTTPS support, with AWS Shield, AWS Web Application Firewall, and Amazon Route 53 to guard against a variety of threats, including network and application layer DDoS attacks. These services co-exist at edge networking locations, which are globally scaled and connected to the AWS network backbone, giving your users a more secure, performant, and available experience.

Lambda @ Edge can be deployed to CloudFront to deliver content securely using signed URL, signed cookies, and JWT token validation. Lambda @ Edge can be used for creating single-use URLs for media delivery. Lambda @ Edge can also be used for image resizing at the edge.

CloudFront can be used delivering WebHooks in conjunction with AWS API Gateway, Lambda and Route 53.


  • High Availability: It will cache your content in edge locations, reducing workload and resulting in high application availability.
  • Speed: Improves response time.
  • Security: Secure content.
  • Geo Restriction: GEO targeting services for delivering content to specific end-users.

Use Cases

Website Delivery and Security

Whether static or dynamic content including live streaming, video or graphics are delivered to viewers around the world, Amazon CloudFront can help. When the object is not already cached at the Edge, the CDN uses a multi-tier cache by default, which decreases latency and reduces burden on origin servers. Comprehensive cache configuration options, built-in compression features like gzip and brotli, access to geo-location headers, and edge compute capabilities to serve content to millions of viewers. AWS Shield and WAF integration protects your website from network and application layer threats, while features like TLS 1.3 and Field-level Encryption increase security and performance.

Dynamic Content & API Acceleration

With Amazon CloudFront, you can speed up and secure your dynamic content. Customers like Tinder and Slack utilize Amazon CloudFront to encrypt and expedite API calls and WebSocket connections. Proxy techniques are supported by CloudFront (POST, PUT, OPTIONS, DELETE, and PATCH). Client TLS connections are terminated at a local edge point, and CloudFront then employs efficient network paths to reach your origins securely, with connection reuse available. When you use an AWS origin, your traffic is routed across AWS’ specialized network backbone. At the CDN edge, AWS Shield and WAF safeguard your APIs. Learn more about CloudFront API Acceleration.

Live & On-demand Video Streaming

Live Streaming and on-demand video workloads will be handled by CloudFront. AWS Media Live utilizes CloudFront. Benefit from the AWS network’s global scalability and performance, as well as private backbone access to your AWS origins and AWS and Elemental Media Services integration. With default mid-tier caching, Origin Shield architecture, and real-time monitoring, you may further optimize your content delivery. CloudFront supports a variety of streaming formats to any device, including Microsoft Smooth, HLS, HDS, and MPEG-DASH. Additionally, Elemental Media Store integration provides low latency streaming for a range of sports and game streaming scenarios. Learn more about the capabilities of CloudFront for Media & Entertainment.

Software Distribution, Game Delivery and IoT OTA

As your globally spread clients download software updates, Amazon CloudFront scales automatically. Through the content delivery network, software can be made available right at the edge, close to end-users. The high data transfer speeds of CloudFront accelerate the delivery of binaries, game patches, Internet of Things (IoT), and Over-the-Air (OTA) updates, enhancing your customers’ experience at scale while saving you money.

Building WebHooks

Webhooks can be built using CloudFront, Route 53, API Gateway and Lambda proxy. If a payment gateway like Stripe,, PayPal, Recurly or Cleng wants to deliver event notifications, Webhooks can be built and configured using CloudFront.

Single Use URL

Many photographers and video graphers distribute content. Single-use URL can be delivered using CloudFront and Lambda @ Edge to protect the revenue for the content creators.

Customer References:

Varsity Media